Estimating Services

Our experienced estimators with some 15 years of experience in the structural steel industry between them. We provide structural steel estimates for all our clients, no matter whether you are a regular or new customer.

After being provided with architectural and structural tender drawings, our estimators provide a full estimate package to our clients allowing for shop detailing, steel supply and fabrication, standard or premium paint finishes and galvanising, delivery and installation, including access requirements, set-out and any cranage. They can also cater for any special or job specific items as required by the builder.

Drafting Services

Once a project has been secured, generally the first thing required is to produce shop drawings and marking plans for the steelwork. This process is performed by a structural steel draftsman/shop detailer.

At APR a number of our in-house team members are proficient with manual and computer aided drafting (CAD) and on our smaller projects we take advantage of this. Though due to very tight construction programs and limited resources, specialised knowledge and detailing software are often required for our larger and more complicated projects.

For these projects we have a number of well known, trusted and qualified subcontract drafting companies, that use powerful software, possess the know-how and employ sufficient resources to get the shop drawings completed accurately and on time. Some of the detailing software most commonly used by our subcontract drafting companies include Tekla Structures, StruCad, BoCad, and AutoCad.

Our Services

  • Steel Erection
  • Fabrication
  • Dogmen
  • Intermediate Riggers
  • Spotters
  • Boilermakers and Fitters
  • Crane Drivers
  • Labour Hire
  • Crane Hire/Crane Truck
  • 3t Mini Crawler
  • Boom and scissor lift